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Join our adventure, starting from either Naracoorte or Penola, for a journey

that is all about  unearthing the secrets from the Earth's past at the

Naracoorte World Heritage Listed Caves and then let your taste buds

dance in the Coonawarra Wine Region. 

Explore the Past, Sip the Present!"
A Journey Through Time and Taste!"

Naracoorte World Heritage Listed Caves

The Naracoorte Caves have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, a recognition reserved for places of exceptional cultural or natural significance.

This status  alone makes them a must-visit destination. The caves contain one of the world's most extensive and diverse fossil records of ancient life, including megafauna (large prehistoric animals), as well as smaller mammals, birds, and reptiles. Take a guided tour through the magnificent Victoria Fossil Cave. Your knowledgeable guide will share insights into the accumulation of bones in the caves, excavation techniques and the prestigious World Heritage Listing.

Coonawarra Wine Region

Unveil the Secrets of Coonawarra Wine Region a wine region known for its red

wine production. With over 25 wine cellar doors to choose from you can select

the wineries of your choice to explore the rich history and flavours of Coonawarra  

and taste exceptional wines all while surrounded by the beauty of the  

Coonawarra Wine Region. 

Example itinerary  of   " Caves to WIne

Naracoorte or Penola  - Coonawarra Wine Region


Pickup  Penola/ Coonawarra 9 am. Naracoorte 9.15am

                                 Naracoorte World Heritage Caves -  Wonambi Fossil Centre / Victorian Fossil Cave Tour

                                 Travel on to Coonawarra Wine Region for lunch and wine tasting.

                                1st Wine Cellar Door. -  Wine tasting with food option.

                                 Large  Produce Platters  ($25pp)

                                 Parker Estate , Brands Laira, Raidis  Estate or Bellwether.

                                Al La Carte menu  ($50pp) 

                                Chardonnay Lodge or Ottelia's  restaurant  (dependent on availabilty)

                                2nd Wine Cellar Door.-  Balnaves of Coonawarra or  Parker Estate

                                3rd Wine Cellar Door. -  DiGiorgio Family Wines or Majella Coonawarra.

                                4th Wine Cellar Door -  Wynns Coonawarra Estate or Rymill Coonawarra

                                Photo Shoot - Coonawarra Railway Siding 


                                 Return to your accommodation in Naracoorte, Coonawarra or Penola.

                           * Please note that the afternoon blends for 3 to 4 wineries dependent on time spent wine tasting in each winery.

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